Wearable Alcohol Biosensor

BACtrack Skyn

Track your alcohol level directly from your wrist, in near real-time.
For investigational use only. The performance characteristics of the product have not been established.

Effortless Alcohol Tracking

BACtrack Skyn is designed to measure the alcohol coming from your skin and then estimate your blood alcohol content (BAC) range, in near real-time. Simply slide Skyn on to your wrist, connect to the BACtrack Skyn app via Bluetooth, and you're good to go.

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Beta Testers Needed

Take part in shaping the future of BACtrack Skyn by test-driving the beta release version and letting us know what you think.

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Standard Band
Comfortable Milanese loop band comes in four sizes to accommodate wrists of all sizes
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Apple Watch Band
Already have an Apple Watch? Wear Skyn as an integrated Apple Watch band.
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How It Works

Connect to Your iPhone via Bluetooth

BACtrack Skyn is designed to seamlessly pair with your iPhone via Bluetooth and automatically connect each time you open the App.

Track Your TAC in Real-Time

BACtrack Skyn is designed to measure your transdermal alcohol content (TAC) every 20 seconds and send that data to the App. You can actually see when your alcohol level starts to rise.

Get an Estimate of Your BAC

Once Skyn has gathered enough TAC data, BACtrack's proprietary algorithm is designed to calculate an estimate of your BAC range, updating when significant changes in your TAC are detected.

Innovative Biosensor

BACtrack's proprietary technology is designed to measure the trace amount of ethanol exiting the body through the skin every 20 seconds.

10 Day Battery Life

Designed to be worn continuously for days at a time, BACtrack Skyn can last up to ten days on a single charge. Charge to full battery in just 4 hours.

Water Resistant

Don't worry about getting your Skyn wet. It's designed to be worn in real life situations, where things might get a bit messy. Just don't wear it in the shower or take it in the pool with you.

BACtrack Skyn Beta Program

We're looking for customers to join our Beta program to use Skyn and share valuable feedback to pioneer the future of the BACtrack Skyn app. As a member of this exclusive program, you'll be answering customer surveys, speaking with members of our team and helping to improve this groundbreaking new technology. We're only accepting a limited number of applicants into this program, so reserve your spot today before spaces fill up!

BACtrack Skyn Product Roadmap


BACtrack develops the first-ever wearable alcohol monitor, BACtrack Skyn. Skyn is awarded the grand prize in the NIH "Wearable Alcohol Biosensor Challenge" and garners worldwide media attention.


BACtrack unveils two new BACtrack Skyn prototypes, a standalone wearable and a version which integrates into an Apple Watch band.


BACtrack Skyn becomes available for research use and incorporated into controlled studies at top-tier academic institutions across the country


BACtrack improves existing Skyn technology with more consistent alcohol measurements, better accuracy, reducing the size, increasing the battery life, and adding water-resistance

Early 2022

BACtrack launches Skyn beta testing program. Current models measure your TAC every 20 seconds and give an BAC estimate in a range of three buckets: low, medium and high BAC

Mid 2022

Our plan is to have the BACtrack Skyn app send you notifications via text when you've reached a certain BAC range and keep a historical record of your alcohol consumption in the App.

Late 2022

Our goal is to improve the BACtrack Skyn prediction algorithm, allowing a BAC estimate range of five buckets: very low, low, medium, high and very high.

2023 and beyond

Our longterm goal is that BACtrack Skyn will be able to provide an accurate estimate of your BAC, similar to that of a breathalyzer, notifying you when you've reached a specific BAC point (ie. 0.08% BAC). Our plan is that Skyn will be able to send notifications to friends and family members of your alcohol level.


When you drink, a small percentage of the alcohol you consume exits the body through your skin. This is measured as Transdermal Alcohol Content (TAC). BACtrack Skyn is designed to measure your TAC every 20 seconds and sends that data to the App, which then calculate an estimate of your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) range.

The BACtrack Skyn beta program is only open to customers located in the United States. It will be available worldwide after the public launch.

At this time, BACtrack Skyn is designed to estimate your BAC range, but it cannot estimate your exact BAC. As our algorithm improves, our goal is for Skyn to be able to provide more precise BAC range estimates, eventually giving results similar to that of one of our breathalyzers.

Currently, BACtrack Skyn is not compatible with Android devices. We plan to have an Android app available some time in the future.

Designed to be worn continuously for days at a time, BACtrack Skyn can last up to ten days on a single charge. Charge to full battery in just 4 hours.

BACtrack Skyn is not waterproof, but it is water resistant, meaning it will be fine if water is splashed on it (ie. rain, washing hands, doing dishes etc.) but it should not be fully submerged in water (ie. in the shower or swimming).

BACtrack Skyn starts at $199.99. However, a limited number of beta program members will have early access to Skyn for 50% off retail.

This is the ethanol expiring through your skin when you drink. BACtrack Skyn precisely measures your TAC in ug/L every 20 seconds.

BACtrack Skyn NIH Wearable Alcohol Biosensor Challenge Grand Price Winner