Size Guide

Standard Band Sizing
Most females will fit into the S/M band and most males will fit into M/L band. 95% of people will fit in S/M or M/L, but if you have very large hands, get the XL band. There is some overlap between band sizes, so if you are unsure, go with the larger size. See below for specific hand and wrist measurements.

Apple Watch Band Sizing
These bands correspond to the size of the Apple Watch face that you have. If you have a 38mm, 40mm or 41mm Apple Watch, get the Small band. If you have a 42mm, 44mm or 45mm Apple Watch, get the Large band.

How to Measure Your Hand and Wrist

  1. With your palm facing down, tuck your thumb under your hand
  2. Using a ruler, measure the across widest part of your hand and note the measurement
  3. Using a ruler, measure the width of your wrist and note the measurement

Women's hand measurement

Men's hand measurement

XS Band (special order only)

  • Hand Width: <80mm
  • Wrist Width: <50mm

S/M Band

  • Hand Width: 60-90mm
  • Wrist Width: 50-60mm

M/L Band

  • Hand Width:75-110mm
  • Wrist Width: 55-75mm

XL Band

  • Hand Width: >110mm
  • Wrist Width: >60mm